Saturday, August 8, 2009

Canaan finally had surgery at 2:30pm today. 3:30pm she was in recovery. Everything went well and Jason and Denett were able to sit with her 2 hours until she returned to her room at 5:40pm. Bandage on her belly is about the size of a cotton ball and a half. 7:30pm she got 1/2 ounce of pedialyte. As of 8:00pm it was "still down". She was due to have another 1/2 ounce at 9:30, but I told them I would leave them alone until the AM. Love and thanks to all.


  1. praying for your family miss maryanne!!

  2. Thank the Good Lord for watching over her! Thanks for the update Mary Ann, my prayers are still with your sweet little Canaan and family.
    Much love to you all, Jan S.

  3. great news. keep us posted, we are taking 3 laptops to the beach with us so I will be watching for updates.

    love you all,
    Nana Tonda